jKoolTM Online is a free and secure off-premise J2EE/transaction monitoring web-based service that lets you monitor your J2EE environment from any location. There are no web or application servers and databases to install. This translates into immediate benefit to you.
jKool Online - A Fast Easy Solution
With the proliferation of J2EE and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications, you now need end-to-end real time visibility into your critical web-based application transactions to effectively manage their performance and ensure their high availability and reliability.
  • Installs in just minutes
  • Out-of-the-box functionality that’s simple to use
  • Intuitive graphical displays show immediate results
  • No Spyware, Adware or Popups
  • Based on proven production quality, on-premise version of jKool technology
Why jKool?
Spotting and correcting performance issues while an application is still in the development and testing phase greatly minimizes the risk of performance degradations disrupting your business. Tuning performance pre-deployment can also dramatically reduce labor-intensive troubleshooting and costly maintenance post-deployment.
jKool Online Highlights
jKool Online delivers light weight performance, measurement and monitoring for live J2EE, Web and Web service-based applications at no cost and minimal installation. It measures response time, traps exceptions, tracks memory/heap allocation for web sessions, JSPs, servlets, JDBC, JMS and Java method calls.

The service can be used to measure performance, detect bottlenecks and failures of real and synthetic transactions.
jKool supports WebSphere Application Server, WebLogic and JBoss.
jKool is designed for live applications in development, QA and production environments, with minimal performance overhead.
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